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A major cyberattack hit hundreds of websites on July 2

CNN reported that roughly 300 companies are affected by a cyberattack the size of the WannaCry virus in May 2017. The attack, called NotPetya, carries the risks of ransomware, but also random viruses and worm-like software. This is the first large-scale attack of the new version of the ransomware. This is also the third major hacking attack over the past two years. The WannaCry incident rocked the world and led to governments of European nations to work together to improve their cybersecurity.

Last year, researchers speculated that NotPetya was leaked by the Russian military due to the technical similarities between the virus and prior military espionage tools, like the Chomp worm or Stuxnet. Many victims in this latest attack are believed to be in Ukraine, where political tensions and cyberattacks have increased with the country’s attempt to leave the European Union.

Still, this is not the largest cyberattack in history — that would be when ISIS released malware known as Sahihiri in December 2014, which went on to infect 40,000 computers. Three other incidents since 2014 rank above NotPetya, according to AV-Comparatives.

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